Welcome to Our Practice. 

This is where you will get an insight into our highly experienced Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Ms Patricia Terrill and her staff.  We are located in Frankston, Victoria, the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula servicing the local area as well as state wide.  We have been established here on the Peninsular since 1993.

We offer professional advice on reconstructive plastic surgery, cosmetic breast and abdominal surgery, wound and skin care.

Our Practice prides itself in patient care, their needs and realises that patients are individuals.  We are focused on attaining the best possible results for our patients and aim to provide the best quality patient care in a friendly and confidential environment. Our staff is willing to try and assist you with any queries you may have. 


Change is the keyword. Any new spot or spot that is changing (colour, shape or size) could be of concern and needs checking. Skin cancers initially cause little in the way of symptoms but as they grow they may bleed, ulcerate or crust. Skin cancer in Australia is very common with 2 in every 3 adults under 70years of age developing a skin cancer. Read more




TELEPHONE; 9769 6088



Two areas for $1272, a saving of $318! *

For just $1272 in May & June only, you can reduce those annoying bulges almost everywhere on your body in just a couple of hours with non-surgical CoolSculpting.

This is a saving of over $300 on the normal price for 2 treatments.

This applies to our standard treatment heads that can treat tummies, love handles, inner thighs and back rolls. And you can opt for as many pairs of treatments as you want, so you could treat all your concerns. For those who need treatment with the CoolMax (larger bulges), Cool Smooth (outer thighs) or the NEW CoolMini (double chins) we are offering 10% off our RRP.

To secure this special price, you just need to book your treatments by 30th June 2016, even if you have them in July!

To book in your complimentary consultation, call our friendly team on 97696088 or fill in the after-hours contact form for more details or an appointment request.


No further discounts apply

Treatments must be booked and deposit paid prior to 30th June 2016


Xiaflex (collagenase) is a drug approved for use in Australia, America and Europe for the non surgical treatment of Dupuytrens disease . Miss Terrill is trained in the injection and manipulation technique for this product and is a certified practioner for its use. Unfortunately it is still not an approved medication on the PBS subsidised list. If you are interested in discussing whether you are a suitable cantidate for this treatment please ring her secretary on 97696056 to arrange a consultation. 
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