The decision to remove your breast implants can be brought about by many factors such as complications of the implants themselves such as rupture, wrinkling, displacement or movement of the implants. Alternatively the body may form a dense fibrous or calcified capsule around them, causing your breasts to harden and deforming their shape. Some women feel the implants are affecting their general health. There is no strong evidence to suggest that they can be a factor causing ill health and removing the implants may or may not improve your health. It is a major decision to remove your implants and frequently a more extensive operation than their insertion. It may also have cosmetic implications apart from the obvious smaller size of your breasts. For example increase sag (ptosis), wrinkling, divets or indentations especially if breast tissue has to be removed due to silicone leakage. Below is a flow chart helping you make a decision whether the capsule needs to be removed too. For silicone filled implants it is usually necessary to remove the capsule if there is free silicone around the implant but not essential if the implant is not ruptured.